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REDSEER Security's Leading Expert Pentesters

RedSeer Security is a boutique cyber security and intelligence firm that specializes in Penetration Testing, Bug Hunting, Vulnerability Testing, Risk Mitigation, Strategy and Compliance.


Our team of highly skilled Ethical Hackers and Pentesters have a collective 50 years of Security experience. With industries from healthcare, ecommerce, finance, government, to the smallest independent contractors; network systems, web and mobile applications and physical devices all present significant risks to vulnerabilities, loss to financial investments, management operations, company reputations, data and privacy breaches and fraud.

Our approach is specialized, RedSeer's Security Analysts and researchers take a personal approach to understanding each client's systems, functions and operations from technology to human intel. Our goal is to attack systems and discover these weaknesses with automation and custom tools using the mindset of the bad actors. Then we develop a strategic plan to mitigate the vulnerabilities and assist key stakeholders in designing systems to reduce or eliminate future risks.


As your assets grow, so does the vulnerabilities of the systems that are used to manage them and RedSeer will grow with your company in protecting the risks, reputations and private data throughout the process.

Let's discover more about the vulnerabilities in your system.

Our security team will provide a complimentary threat analysis on your assets today.

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