Vulnerability Assessments in Cyber Security 

What are Vulnerability Assessments?

Vulnerability Assessments are the systematic process that evaluates, classifies and quantifies an organizations computer system, network, applications and devices vulnerabilities. This critical phase of the Pen Testing process evaluates the systems risk factors from lowest to highest and assists organizations in strategically developing methodologies to mitigate the outcomes that occur during a cyber attack or breach.

The following vulnerability assessments are part of the RedSeer Security Penetration Testing procedures:

  • Infrastructure Assessment

  • Vulnerability Scanning

  • Compliance Scanning

  • Network Mapping

  • Phishing Assessment

  • PCI DSS (and Wireless)

  • Network Mapping

  • Perimeter Security Assessment

  • Wireless Assessment

  • Web Application Assessment

  • Operating System Security Assessment (OSSA)


  • GDPR 

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RedSeer Security Vulnerability Process


The 4 phases to the Vulnerability Assessments Process are designed to take a holistic approach to discover, attack and analyze the system so stakeholders can develop comprehensive risk mitigation strategies for their organizations human, operational, digital and physical assets.

  1. Cataloging assets and capabilities (resources) in a system.

  2. Assigning quantifiable value (or at least rank order) and importance to those resources

  3. Identifying the vulnerabilities or potential threats to each resource

  4. Mitigating or eliminating the most serious vulnerabilities for the most valuable resources

Phase 1: Classification Evaluation

Classifying a systems resources, capabilities and assets

Phase 2: Valuation of Risk Level

Quantifying and organizing risks based on threat level from Highest to Lowest

Phase 3: Identification of Threats

Identify each resources threats, vulnerability and potential weaknesses 

Phase 4: Mitigation of Vulnerability

Strategically eliminate or mitigate the highest valued risks in the system