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Abstract Futuristic Background

Red Teaming

Penetration testing, Pen testing and ethical hacking are cyber attacks on computer systems that are made by authorized security professionals to evaluate and discover vulnerabilities and exploits (vulnerabilities are defined as weaknesses).

Ethical hacking includes online and offline analysis, attacking and validating exploits in cloud infrastructure, android and iOS  mobile applications, web applications, API's (Application Programming Interface), IOT (Internet of Things), and digitally connected devices.

Penetration testing identifies vulnerabilities in a computer system's access points that unauthorized entities can breach and gain access to secure data, system controls, features and functions.

RedSeer Red Teaming Methods

RedSeer provides a handful of security assessments including but not limited to:​​

  • Internal Penetration Testing

  • External Penetration Testing

  • Web Application & API Penetration Testing

  • Mobile Application Penetration Testing

  • Adversarial Attack Simulation Exercises

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