EMBRAER Airline Company Rasomware Cyber Attack

EMBRAER Brazilian Airplane Manufacturer Reports Cyber Attack

Brazilian airplane manufacturer disclosed information, according to multiple sources of a Cyber Attack involving Ransomware.

Who is Embraer S.A. is a aerospace manufacturer that serves the military, commercial, aeronautic, agriculture and executive markets. The company was founded in 1969 and is one of the largest aerospace manufacturers behind, Airbus and Boeing. The headquarters for the company is located in Sao Paolo Brazil.

Local news broke that the Ransomware attacks impacting "undisclosed data" and potentially impacted the companies employees from working at home temporarily. Embraer published a company communication stating " with the use of some systems in a contingency regime, without significant impacts on its activities”. Additionally the release mentioned “it is making all its efforts to investigate the circumstances of the attack, assess whether there are impacts on its business and third parties, and determine the measures to be taken.”