Cyber Security Experts Top 5 Predictions for 2021

1. Legislative, Regulatory and Insurance

2. Ransomware Maximum Damages = More Payments

3. Cloud Misconfigurations cause of Data Breaches

4. Service Providers targets of Hackers

5. 2020 Rapid Digitalization Growth Impacting 2021 Security

Cyber security firms are busy, very busy with cyber attacks, ransomware and data breaches at all time highs. Industries from cyber insurance to service providers are going to be forced to have cyber security budgets as a primary concern in 2021. As reported on the PR news outlets, security firms are predicting legal and insurance, ransomware, cloud misconfigurations, cyber attacks on service providers and rapid digitiization as some of the top issues facing the global community.

An article published recently by a Cyber Security firm stated, "This year introduced significant challenges for everyone. In 2021, organizations will have to deal with repercussions of the decisions they made when quickly transitioning to remote work, as well as respond to increased cybersecurity risks. I suggest organizations return to cybersecurity fundamentals and focus on ensuring that sensitive data resides only in secure locations, data is not overexposed and excessive access rights are revoked."